Channel 192 Schedule

Friday January 19th

TimeProgram Title
12:30 amDocFilm: 'By Train, New Orleans to New York'
6:00 amSTJ School Board: '1/15 Regular Meeting'
8:00 amDemocracy Now! LIVE
9:00 amOLLI Fall 2017: 'Mystery and How We Got Here'
10:09 amTreasures of the World: 'Baalbek'
10:30 amIn & Around STJ: 'Visiting The Family Place'
11:00 amClassic Arts Showcase
12:01 pmEnergy Week: '2017 Weather Records'
1:30 pmTomorrow Today: 'Spider Silk, Robot Bees'
2:00 pmGardening in the Off Season: 'Don't Repot that Plant!'
3:00 pmNASA 360: 'Desert Rats and Analog Testing'
3:30 pmPositively VT: 'Vermont's Rail System'
4:00 pmSTJ School Board: '1/15 Regular Meeting'
6:00 pmDemocracy Now!
7:00 pmEnergy Week: 'The Seas are Rising'
8:00 pmWaterford School: 'Winter Concert' 3-5 grades
9:00 pmIn & Around STJ: 'Visiting The Family Place'
9:29 pmStudent Films: 'A Converstation with Death'
9:40 pmRare NE Conference: 'Managing a Complex Disease'
10:30 pmHigher Education Matters: 'January'
11:00 pmHomegrown: 'Jamie Kent'


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